We take our audience seriously, and for this very reason we must contact you to ensure you are serious about your business before we take things any further.

Please read below carefully to find out if you qualify for our services and class.

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We've designed projects and run marketing campaigns for some of the best known brands around (£6,7 and 8 figure brands), and we want to help our audience and customer base in the best way possible, as always.

People always ask us "What's the catch" when we give away freebies, there isn't one. But to ensure we don't waste your time or ours you are required to fall into one of these categories:


  • You don't already have a website (but understand that you need an effective one for your business and will be prepared to invest in it)
  • You don't have effective marketing set in place for your business but would like to get it going or improve what you already have.
  • You are a reasonable human being and business professional who understands that as much as you can get things for free, you will need to invest in certain elements of your business if you really want to see results.

If you already have an effective website and marketing plan for your business, we are sorry to say but, you should not have signed up to our advertisement & you won't be a good fit for our services or free web-class.


If you are still reading this means you want to grow your business and want our help to do it. One of our customer service team members will be in contact with you via WhatsApp messenger using the number you provided when you signed up to progress your experience with us here at Brussel Pond and ensure you receive everything you need to succeed in your business endeavors.


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