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Consultative Process: The Brussel Code

i. Consultation
Here’s where we get to know each other. What are your concerns? How would you like to see things change for your business moving forward? We offer some free-of-charge advice & take the information you’ve provided back to the office.
ii. Care
Ready for round 2? We comeback with a carefully devised plan detailing exactly what can be done to bring your vision to life. Detailed explanations of necessary processes accompany this session making every step as simple as possible for you, because we care.
iii. Confidence
We understand your needs by this time, you understand what we can do for you & we’re confident we can deliver and exceed expectations. Agreements are made, contracts signed & we’re off to the races!
iv. Creation
Construction kicks off here, we go to work on your website, campaign, marketing strategy & deliver on our agreement.
v. Customers
The desired end result. We see the new life born, new customers, new audiences, new everything. Everyone is happy, everyone goes home.

Except for the robots…they stay 🙂

Key Services

Website Design
Website Maintenance

Our brands are made of something different, a finer spirit of quality, and we are too.

Our clients benefit from a higher level of service & industry knowledge. We cater to smaller businesses as well as handling consultation services for well known global brands. We’re elite for a reason.


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