Nadia Rose


Currently standing as one of Britain’s brightest musical talents, the female rapper, Nadia Rose has made fast and steady leaps forward within the music industry in a short period of time in the past year and a half.

At Brussel Pond it’s been our job to oversee several elements around the way her artwork and image is presented in the public domain. We’ve found the smartest ways to go about doing so that would help propel her Brand into even higher heights whilst she’s busy with her live appearances & studio time.

Web Design

Our brief was to design a package for the young star that reflected her talent in the positive light it deserves to be seen in. The initial site acted as a hub ahead of her first major label single release ‘SKWOD‘. This was our first project in association with Sony Music/Relentless Records, one in which we wanted her to be well presented and accessible by her fans.

Designing the Artwork for Nadia’s first major label single, SKWOD

Before we’d actually had the opportunity the preview the song itself, it’s name and the description provided by her management team lent itself towards this idea of community & confidence amongst women. We maintained that idea, but still wanted to keep Nadia Rose as the main focus in an attempt to not confuse her audience.

The following result of the artwork & promotion around it resulted in what we’d now call a viral sensation with the song itself being used in national ad campaigns, the music video for the song itself won a Mobo Award at the 2016 ceremony & the video and single has been streamed over 3.5 million times cumulatively at this point in time.

The single currently serves as the anthem behind the world-renowned make-up brand Rimmel London’s 2017 ad campaign, view both versions of the video below. Skwod.

Nadia Rose – Skwod (Rimmel London Version)

The Mobo Award Campaign

In the October lead up to November’s 2016 Mobo Award ceremony fans needed to be reminded of Nadia’s Nominations and given the opportunity to vote and see their favourite artist walk away with the trophy.

We had the artwork for the campaign constructed towards the end of September and launched the following month, needless to say, the results were good:

BBC & MTV’s Brand New Ones to watch for the year 2017

With 2017 in full swing & things already heating up for the young starlet, the well-known music based platform MTV cited Nadia Rose as being one of the artists to watch out for in 2017.

She’s been endorsed by some of the most reputable brands around, had her single SKWOD featured in a recent Rimmel London advert (take a look below) & just before this occured we’d designed the treatment to let her fans know she’d been recognised by MTV & BBC. The artwork has been distributed throughout numerous online publications. Mission accomplished.



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