As a Brussel Pond Legacy customer you are provided access to our tailored service with our 12 month subscription service month-to-month for an extended period of time after your website project is complete.

For clients wanting that high-end personalized service just in case you wish to make future tweaks to your website service or seek advice on improvements and additional suggestions this service is perfect.

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Investment: £540 over 12 months (£45/pm)

What comes with this service:

  • Personalized consultative phone support available twice a month (2 phone calls up to 15 minutes in length).
  • Up to 3 menu edits in a single calendar month
  • Website security check-ups and speed test maintenance
  • 3 web page edits a month
  • 2 new webpage builds a month
  • Information on our private business events and networking opportunities
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