Diamond Application

Work with us 1-on-1.

At Brussel Pond we offer 1-on-1 tailored solutions for our clients. We aim to carry the best service on the market when it comes to client care in the world of web-design, marketing, business strategy, providing our private clients with a wholesome and well-rounded satisfactory experience.

Boost your business & career results with us. 

Apply for a free-of-charge consultation with our customer care team and lets see if we together can bring your business and career goals to life the same way we have for our previous clients.


Diamond is everything Platinum is, except a little bit more.

Here’s what you get:

A night out with us at Brussel Pond (plus some pro pictures if that’s okay with you).

  1. An effective online business presence (Including websites & marketing materials for your services)
  2. Developing a brand people can book-in with and enquire about services offered
  3. A specific valuable offer in which we can give people in order to generate leads and interest in your business
  4. Video ad or Image ad creation as well as a social media campaign plan so we can spread the word and raise brand awareness
  5. On-going strategy sessions during our term of work week-to-week (so we can get to know each other)
  6. Access to our private events and network of individuals you may be able to do business with outside of any marketing materials we provide for you. (A great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals)
  7. Lifetime access to our training programs online and all associated platforms
  8. 12 months of strategy sessions (meetings, phone calls and communications to accomplish the goal of raising your business profile)

If you really want to give it your best. We will give you ours.

Welcome to Diamond. Which is what you are.

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