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Before meeting Brussel Pond I was struggling with my site design as well as my branding across social media & they really helped me turn things around!

Elizabeth A
Elizabeth A Singer & Songwriter

Working with Brussel Pond has really helped my business. With my new website and promotion I’m getting a good amount of monthly enquiries for me to play live music events all over London. With a combination of my website and my activity on social media, I can say working with Brussel Pond has made a difference for me!

Justyn Saxman
Justyn Saxman Saxophonists & Live Performer

As talk show hosts we need to be able to let people know how they can get in contact with us and Brussel Pond really helped us bring our vision to life. We love you guys!

Jennifer & Marie
Jennifer & Marie Events promotions & talk show hosts

Our previous client base.