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What to expect in the build a business challenge

As a media company we've played a key role in launching business ideas for our clients every month, for the past 5 years. Having had hundreds of client, we've decided to compile our knowledge into a training series.

If you already have a good idea and know how of how to go about setting it up, all you'll need is a good marketing strategy to get it out to the right audience who'd be willing to pay for it.

Take our free module of video training which is designed specifically to help you find that market and sell to them effectively.

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It's not a challenge for everybody, but for the right person, it's perfect

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What your "Build A Business Challenge" training involves

  • Module 1 (free access): How to find your target market
  • How to best position your product or service
  • How to market your service/product to entice your audience

As talk show hosts we need to be able to let people know how they can get in contact with us and Brussel Pond really helped us bring our vision to life. We love you guys!

Jennifer & Marie
Jennifer & Marie Events promotions & talk show hosts

Before meeting Brussel Pond I was struggling with my branding online & they really helped me turn things around!

Elizabeth A
Elizabeth A Singer & Songwriter