May 22, 2018

Kilburn’s Italian Restaurant, Ciao Ciao Club, Launches their new branding with Brussel Pond

Brussel Pond
written by Brussel Pond

This week at Brussel Pond we’ve been working towards the launch of our new events series, but with all that’s going on we still have to find the time to celebrate our clients success.

Today we’re celebrating Ciao Ciao Club, an Italian Delicatessen with excellent food in London’s Kilburn area, only a 15 minute drive away from Marble Arch.

Their new online web-presence can be found at www.ciaociaoclub.co.uk 

This project has been months in the making, everything from imagery to branding & design has been taken into account and we can really see the changes taking shape for the restaurant!

Our team and CEO (Featured in the image above with the restaurant owner,), have been hands on with this project.

Fantastic things on the way. If you’re ever in the Kilburn area, feel free to pass by and taste a little Italy. 🙂

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