Aug 13, 2018

Case Study: How we build star design projects – Almass Prestige

Brussel Pond
written by Brussel Pond

When it comes to building a new promotional tool for a business i.e. a website/video/marketing campaign, we always take a few different external factors into consideration in order to make the project one that can be effectively completed:

  1. What is this business trying to achieve image wise as a result of having this website
  2. How can this product work for lead generation
  3. Do we understand the inner-workings of this business so we can make-up for the lack of copy (words used to sell the business products) if necessary.

After having taken these elements into consideration, we can then get into the area of interest we’ve become known for, building luxuriously styled marketing tools for our customer to consume.


Phase 1 after this is the actual production.


Our team goes back to the lab and creates the first draft of the design/marketing project at hand. Typically produced within a 1 month time-frame depending on the project. We’ll then come-back to our client with a first draft to be reviewed. Some times we leave that meeting with some changes to make, sometimes it just so happens that the 1st draft is spot on, and we move on from there.

Phase 2 – smoothing out the rough edges.

We then work things over amongst our design team. At this stage it’s really important to put yourself in the shoes of the customers we want to view this product. Is the objective of this marketing tool clear? If a user were to visit this platform online would they know what to do to get what they wanted? It’s really important that we’re able to answer “yes” to these questions. We’re building the project for the people who are going to view and buy from it, not ourselves.

Phase 3 – taking all these elements into consideration, comes the final phase.

That special Brussel Pond Touch. Our products are the most functional units in our industry. Our results speak for themselves and will continue to do so (in our humble opinion of course) – no matter the size of the job, quality work must be provided each and everytime.

This is the Brussel Pond way, and this is the exact thought process we’ve used to complete one of our 2018  projects for the Luxury Car Rental Company Almass Prestige.

The Brussel Pond Way.

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