Partner Up with us and lets see if we can help you grow your business.

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What are ‘Business-Growth Skills’?

Outside of getting a nice looking logo done, or website put together, you need to know how to predictably bring new customers into your business if it’s going to be sustainable.

We are looking for individuals we can have become a part of our private circle of core business partners. We have existing businesses you can latch on to and also models you can use and adopt to run your own ideas successfully.

We’ll assess your application, plan a meetup and see how we can best assist you.

Business growth = consistent cash-flow.


How does the Business Growth Meet-Up program work?

We have 2-3 different business models already stable and working for our company. The way we’ve constructed it all allows for an individual wanting to setup a business entity of their own to operate independently using the marketing model we setup.

If you want to run a business successfully but would like some guidance, lets partner-up and help you setup shop online, the right way.

Meet your Friend, Team mate & Experience Entrepreneur – Gyles Buckle

Always looking for a career in which he could work for himself, Gyles started the web-design agency we now know as Brussel Pond by himself in 2015 with a few hundred pounds and later went on to turn it into an agency working with some of the most respected brands around.

At 27 he still has energy and is set on building sustainable business models that work for both himself and his growing client base.


What Our Clients Say

Meet-up at a private location in Central, London