Sales and Business development training skills will take your life to the next level. Let Gyles show you how to use these skills to advance.

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What are ‘Business-Growth Skills’?

Outside of getting a nice looking logo done, or website put together, you need to know how to predictably bring new customers into your business if it’s going to be sustainable.

I’ve won awards for the work done with my company, but without the skills I developed selling, none of it would have been possible.

On this training I really want to share the following which I’m passionate about:

  • Building a strong mental state so you can overcome business challenges
  • How to create a buzz and interest in your business
  • How to make the sales process enjoyable for yourself and your potential customers.
  • How to effectively promote your business offering using internet based platforms (social media etc).

These 4 skills have allowed me to make enough money to fund my business activities and run a business I’m proud to call my own.

Join my training NOW and I’ll show you how it’s done.

How does the Business Growth program work?

Everyday this class will be available online, its perfect, including those with a 9-5 job.

For approximately 1hr I will share the framework I’ve used to have my businesses take advantage of the advertising opportunities to be had online, and also explain how I’ve used it to sell my businesses services.

It’s pretty much a straight-forward masterclass for those that want to know how they can use online marketing methods to get tangible results & I think you need to be there.

You only need to attend the class once. So make sure you have a good internet connection, your laptop, a notepad, pen and cup of tea (if that’s your thing)…because this session is going to be LOADED.

Meet your Trainer & Experienced Entrepreneur – Gyles Buckle, Brussel Pond CEO

Always looking for a career in which he could work for himself, Gyles started the web-design agency we now know as Brussel Pond by himself in 2015 with a few hundred pounds and later went on to turn it into an agency working with some of the most respected brands around.

At 27 he still has energy and is set on building sustainable business models that work for both himself and his growing client base.


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