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Our Private video training programme for those wanting to launch or grow their business.



Module 1 (Week 1): How to become more attractive to the right people

Ever had a problem making potential customers understand why your service was right for them? Or maybe you’ve had issues making a boss understand why you were the right person for the job. No matter you market of choice, this module will help you get clear on how to become more attractive to your target audience! You’ll learn:

  • How to differentiate yourself from the competition and stand out
  • How to build a good reputation in your marketplace, even if you’re new
  • How to present your business in a confident, compelling & attractive manner
  • People buy people & not just products: How to use this to your advantage

This information alone was key when we started as a small company and helped us sign up our first 35 clients £££!

Module 2 (Week 2): How to Capture & Captivate the right people

Module 2 is all about grabbing attention, after you’ve found the best place to find the “right” people for you, you’ll need to know what to next. In this module  You’ll learn:

  • How to craft a compelling sales message online (effective copywriting)
  • How your website/social media presence can be used as an attractive “wrapper” to promote and sell your services
  • How using systems to market and promote your service can give you leverage and wider audience reach whilst targeting the ideal customer.

This information has been Gold to us. It really is key for growth & you’ll find out for yourself when you attend.

Module 3 (Week 3): How to sell through story telling and education without “selling at all”

Being a “sales-person” has really gotten a bad wrap over the past years, but its still a very important skill to have in business and career development. We show you how to make selling cool again in this module. This one session alone is worth the whole course & not to be missed. You’ll learn:

  • How to educate & story tell in order to sell: creating clarity in the customers mind & eliminating confusion
  • Mastering the inner-game of power: How to engineer your business & yourself as a powerful influencer & authority in your marketplace.
  • Promoting beyond the Internet: The importance of real live event appearances to plant your business stake in the ground & establish your service.

Very important business and life growth information. Directly responsible for the acquisition of some of our biggest clients, this will be a game changer for you.

Module 4 (Week 4): Sealing the deal & Signing on the dotted line – How to turn an interested individual into a cemented customer & invite them back for future purchases

This module is all about generating that cash-flow. The sale! We go over key steps needed to get that sign up:

  • How to position yourself in such a way that asking for the sale becomes as simple as saying “sign up here” / “pay here”
  • Getting your head right: How to deal with the Fear of asking for the sale, or being branded a “sales person” at all.
  • Getting your head right: How to go about ensuring you speak to people who are likely to respond well to what it is you have to offer.
  • Getting your head right: How to overcome the mental barriers that may be sabotaging your success

Module 5 (Week 5): The Case Study & Formula for the Big Close

Module 5 is all about watching a sales system work in real time. All the elements we use online are for this purpose, we demonstrate how it works so you can see it in action and implement it for real! Our outcomes for this module are:

  • To understand exactly how to close a sale
  • To know the exact formula used in all successful sales situations to a certain degree
  • To be able to realistically execute a close yourself with the techniques shared

Module 6 (Week 6): Defeating procrastination: How to apply the things you learn and avoid overwhelm.

We go over key tenants you can use to implement all the information you’ll have learnt by this time. This is very important. We love seeing our students get great results and we’ll be right there to make sure of it. You’ll learn:

  • How the Power of a strong vision can help overcome procrastination.
  • The Pain & Reward Threshold: Using these mechanisms to push you towards meeting your goals
  • Your Big Why: Discovering the reason to achieve that’ll help you push past mental blocks
  • The Process: Steps to take In order to turn good information to real life results.

Investment: £1,995

Optional Bonus: 24 month membership to our mentoring forum

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