Slice & Segment Your Marketing To Target Customers in London

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Knowing your audience is fantastic, knowing how to let your audience know when you have new product offerings or expanding your audience is another. Once we know who we want  to benefit from our building of websites & marketing platforms we have to devise smart ways to effectively speak to them.

When we work with clients it’s always from a big-picture point of view where we understand what the desired end result will be. Is it to make a sale? Or getting them to hit the subscribe button? Or visit your physical store? Maybe even pick up the phone and call. Businesses are always on the search for congruent customer attraction methods and we’re here to assist.

The Solution

The type of marketing we focus on when it comes segmenting & slicing our audience with paid marketing is primarily known as Direct Response Marketing. What this basically means is that the goal of our advert buying methods is to get a viewer to respond directly and immediately to our ad by taking the action we suggest in the advertisement itself.

Calls to action (CTA) such as “Click Here” or “Dial This Number” or “Visit www.YourCompanySite.com for more info” are common direct response approaches we’ve become very familiar with in print advertising & online media. Typically we lean towards the Direct Response approach when it comes to marketing & this coupled with our understanding of good design gives us often-times predictable High-Impact results.

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